Events & Activities at Argyle

Christmas in August
Sunday, August 23, at 11:45 am

Ever want to sing on the Argyle Outdoor Singing Christmas Tree?
This is your chance. Join us to listen to enjoy lunch, listen to the music,
and get a copy of the rehearsal materials. Everyone is welcome to come.
Pastor Rick Painter has more information.

Staff Appreciation Day & Job Fair
Sunday, August 30

Today we express appreciation to the Argyle Staff.
What better way to express appreciation than to get involved in serving?
You can get information about Argyle's service opportunities and sign up to get involved.

Membership Commitment Luncheon
Sunday, August 30, at 11:45 am.

Your chance to become a member of The Church at Argyle.
All materials provided, and it's free.
A light lunch is served, and childcare for kids age 5th grade and younger.
Sign up in the Welcome Center or call the office at 904-777-1238.

KidStuf & Family BBQ
Sunday, September 6, 10:30 am

A special day at Argyle. The final performance of KidStuf followed by a fun-filled
picnic featuring Chef Leroy's World Famous BBQ.
Everyone is welcome. Invite your friends and neighbors.

Rehearsal Dates & Music