About Us – How We Roll

The Church at Argyle has…
A Mission  more…

To lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

A Calling  more…

To be a church for people who don't like church.

A Vision  more…

To be a people encouraged and equipped on Sunday to make a difference in our community all week.

A Strategy  more…

To provide next steps that encourage
• Intimacy with God
• Authentic community with each other
• A servant's heart for the world

Next Steps  more…

There are some steps that help us in our growing relationship with Jesus.

Connect  more…

LifeGroups are important. We believe that if you want to grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ, it happens best in a LifeGroup.

LifeGroups are 8‐12 adults that meet regularly for twelve to eighteen months. LifeGroups may have married adults, singles, men, women, or a mix. You will be challenged and encouraged to get involved in the Word of God, build relationships, and pray together.

Contact our LifeGroup Team to get started.

Serve  more…

The Church at Argyle is passionate about serving others. Volunteers are the heart and soul of everything at Argyle. Without our volunteers, our ministries would not exist.

Want to get involved? Call our office at 904-777-1238 weekdays, or check the Information Kiosk in the Welcome Center on Sunday. We will contact you about next steps.

If you are unsure about what service area would best fit you, contact Ministry Pastor Hal Hunter.

You can check out some possibilities here.

Give  more…

We give generously because we serve a generous God.

Your gifts are the only source of money to support the work we are doing and the lives we are changing at Argyle. We have no other income.

Our Mission, Calling, Vision, and Strategy are supported by our staff and facilities. Upkeep of facilities and equipment, utilities, insurance, mortgage payments, salaries, everything you enjoy about the Argyle experience, depends on your faithful giving.

Part of our income is spent outside our own needs. We participate in mission work both near home, and throughout North America and the world. We help support several local organizations that work faithfully to care for community needs.

We believe we are good managers of what God has entrusted to us. If you have questions about the details we are always happy to answer them.

Find out more about the importance of giving.

Invite  more…

Before Jesus ended His ministry on earth, He told the disciples to make disciples of all nations.

A disciple is just a follower. We are all somewhere along our journey following Jesus. Invite your friends, neighbors, coworkers, and family members who are not in church to visit Argyle and join us in our journey toward imitating Jesus.

Here are some simple ways to invite people –
• Start by investing in the lives of the people around you.
• Pick up some invitation cards from the Information Kiosk and share them.
• Promote the church by checking in on social media and sharing church posts.
• Invite people to a big event or concert.
• Pray for people by name.