Why We Give

God Asks Us To Give – Throughout Scripture, God asks for a part of what we have for His use.

God asks us to give, not because He needs our stuff (He does not) but because we need to share it –

  • We are selfish by nature – giving away some of our stuff helps us become less selfish.
  • It gives us an opportunity to participate as a partner in God's work.
  • It helps open our eyes to the needs around us.
  • Giving is another form of worship.

Why Give To Argyle?

Your gifts are the only source of money to support the work we are doing and the lives we are changing at Argyle. We have no other income.

Our Mission, Calling, Vision, and Strategy are supported by our staff and facilities. Upkeep of facilities and equipment, utilities, insurance, mortgage payments, salaries, everything you enjoy about the Argyle experience, depends on your faithful giving.

Part of our income is spent outside our own needs. We participate in mission work both near home, and throughout North America and the world. We help support several local organizations that work faithfully to care for community needs.

We believe we are good managers of what God has entrusted to us. If you have questions about the details we are always happy to answer them.

How Do I Give At Argyle?

There are many ways to make your gift.

  • Drop a check or giving envelope in the Sunday offering. (Envelopes are needed if you give cash and need a tax record. Your check is sufficient otherwise)
  • Set up free, secure online giving.
  • You can text-to-give.
  • Special situations, such as gifts of stock or property, can also be arranged. Talk to Administrator Hal Hunter about your needs.

Important Information About Electronic Giving

Our electronic giving partner is ChurchCenterOnline.
They offer online giving, electronic payments, and text-to-give. You can use a deposit account, or a credit or debit card.
You can manage your giving from any internet connected device.