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Miss a Sunday? Want to hear a message again? Want to share a message with a friend? We have video of almost all of our messages since 2010.

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Loaded – A Study In Ephesians

We are rich in Christ, and Paul explains that in the New Testament Book of Ephesians.
(The 2017 Outdoor Singing Christmas Tree performance is included.)

Four Way Street – Four Steps in the journey of spiritual growth

We discuss growing in our faith, and putting that faith to work in our church and in our community.

Previous Series – Standing Tall – a study in the book of Jeremiah

Caring enough to seek God's will and having the courage to see it through.

Earlier Series – Guardrails

A guardrail is a system designed to keep us from driving into dangerous areas.
In this series, we will apply that same thinking to different parts of our life that will hopefully protect us from making some big mistakes.


Amy Gieger talks about the importance of volunteer service at Argyle.

Volunteer from TCAA on Vimeo.

Earlier Series – Grace Is Greater Than ______

Whatever it is, God's grace is greater.

Earlier Series – Free – A Study in the book of Galatians

A New Year Begins at Argyle